"Good design begins with honesty, asks tough questions, comes from collaboration and from trusting your intuition."
- Freeman Thomas

Landscape shapes our daily lives. We live in it, we pass through it, we interact with it and we experience it day and night, rain or shine.

We believe that well planned and designed external spaces are an essential part of any project whether this is through the masterplanning of a site or the detail design of its component parts. Urban Wilderness takes a holistic approach to design, seeking collaborative input at all stages of the process. We seek to enthuse those with whom we work about the merits of a landscape led approach and, at the core, we provide an honest service which ensures our clients are kept fully informed.

As our name suggests, we specialise in bringing the best of the world beyond the town into the urban environment. The city can be an unyielding place with few places to sit and enjoy the sun. Similarly, the more 'natural' systems of the countryside require sensitive design to successfully incorporate new development into existing spatial strategies, land uses and habitats. Every space has its own merits and we strive to embrace these to produce designs which are sensitive to their context and character

Whether we are working on a strategic masterplan, a landscape strategy, a public realm design, a play space or a private garden we balance design, to maximise amenity and biodiversity potential, with practical experience to ensure our work also maximises value.


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