The historic market town of Andover is situated on the River Anton, 18.5 miles west of Basingstoke, 18.5 miles north-west of Winchester and 25 miles north of Southampton.
The vision of this scheme was to create a sustainable and vibrant garden suburb, which contributes to the economic prosperity of Andover and its hinterland, is connected with communities in Andover and the Anna Valley, and which places the promotion of health and well being at its heart.
The masterplanning process had placemaking at its core with the idea of a garden suburb that is landscape led, able to fosters a diverse community and with great connections to Andover and beyond. The outputs of the project was a masterplan and vision document that was used for land promotion purposes.

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“A complex multi-faceted project but one that will crucially see investment back into Andover through investment in Andover College. the site has the potential to deliver a significant number of new houses alongside extensive parkland and community facilities. ”


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