Black Brook Biodiversity Strategy


In response to local policy requirement, Urban Wilderness was commissioned to create a biodiversity strategy to ensure that the development of housing allocation sites along the Black Brook would positively address both the ecological and social value of the river corridor. The strategy defines mitigation measures for the reduction of potential pressures associated with residential development in close proximity to the river environment, and outlines ways in which local allocation sites should address water flow, for the benefit of biodiversity, and for the reduction of flood risk.

Urban Wilderness worked closely with the land promoters and developers associated with the allocation sites, and with the local authority team, in particular the Ecology Officer. Urban Wilderness’ role was to bring together the aspirations of both parties to ensure the ongoing health of the Black Brook environment.

Look who's involved

“Our design team undertook extensive consultation, and worked carefully to ensure that the safeguarding of the Brook is both deliverable and effective ”


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