Calderdale Hospital


Urban Wilderness were appointed by the Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation to support a planning application for the development of Calderdale Hospital, Halifax, providing a TVIA and Estate-Wide Landscape Strategy.  The strategy sought to build upon and complement imminent building projects, with a vision for the associated landscape, to be implemented in phases, whenever opportunities and funding arose. 

The expansive and complex site offered the potential to improve patient, visitor and staff experience, through careful rationalisation.  The subsequent design optimised site use, within a unified framework, that enhanced and supplemented the assets of the site, to achieve a stimulating and connected setting, immersed within generous green infrastructure. 

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“Working within the setting of such a functional environment as Calderdale Hospital was a rewarding challenge. Particularly in light of the benefit green space can have to patient mental health and well-being. ”


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