Urban Wilderness were commissioned to work alongside Church Lukas Architects to develop a new student accommodation scheme in Canterbury that seeks to balance biodiversity enhancement with space for student health and well-being.

The development site is strategically located between existing student accommodation to the north and Turing College to the south, providing an excellent opportunity to form a pivotal node within the University Campus. In line with the Campus Masterplan Framework, facilitating movement and creating space for amenity was a key design consideration for the proposed development in order to “promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles in the Campus”.

Another key landscape objective was to “Conserve and ecologically enhance all areas of the campus”. The scheme aims to retain, enhance and connect existing habitat, linking existing green space to the south of the site and ancient woodland to the north. Habitat creation will be encouraged ranging from the use of extensive green and brown roof systems to integrating hibernacula into new accommodation buildings. Through this landscape-led approach, the scheme aims to deliver an impressive 46% biodiversity nett gain throughout the development.

Look who's involved

“Having been in development for a good few years and experienced many consultants throughout my years of development I can say Urban wilderness are a catalyst to gaining a positive planning grant. They are not just consultants, they are solution finders! I would urge any developer looking to work with a landscape architect to team up with Urban Wilderness if they want to achieve an extraordinary proposal.”


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