Central House


Urban Wilderness were commissioned by CEG to provide landscape design services associated with a new office refurbishment in Harrogate at Central House. The design for this scheme sought to deliver both landscape functionality, and year round aesthetic interest for those within the building with views into the courtyard.

The provision of a paved terrace area, lawn and central movement axis structures the scheme, and accommodates for an intensity of use suitable to the scale of this development. Drift planting, framed by ornamental hedgerow and multi-stem trees, provides an attractive setting to this structure and softens the surrounding architectural forms. The success of this scheme lies in its perceived simplicity, underpinned by complex negotiations within the construction process which ensured unforeseen challenges were remedied without detriment to the final result.

Look who's involved

“The final result at Central House speaks for itself. We were very pleased with the design and are now even more pleased with its delivery. A great team effort!”


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