Garden Design, Cambridge


The landscape proposals for this large contemporary house build consist of a series of “garden rooms” created to facilitate a continual living experience between the internal rooms and the outside garden. This contemporary partition garden is centred around a movement axis reflecting the central building facade. This axis provides a generous space from which the adjoining ‘rooms’ can be explored.

With the project architects, we helped the clients gain planning permission for the scheme and take the project to tender. The design had to work around several mature trees which made a significant contribution to the local wooded suburb character. No-build construction techniques were employed to ensure that all root zones were protected and did not undermine the integrity of the existing well-wooded site. Meanwhile, the concept of ‘progressive realisation’ helped ensure that the garden was experienced sequentially rather than all at once. This created a sense of drama with garden rooms providing a rich matrix of character, function and planting styles.

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“We enjoyed working in collaboration with Vida Architects and Middlemarch Arboriculturists to achieve a contemporary garden design which was sensitive to the large number of mature trees on the compact site”


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