Goldsmith Gateway

Nottingham City Centre

Following the success of our ‘Greening the City Strategy’ developed with Nottingham Trent University’s Estates Team (NTU), Goldsmith Gateway was identified as one of the site’s within the City campus in need of ‘greening’.

The project involved two sites straddling Goldsmith Street. Together they form an important entrance or arrival point into the campus from the City centre. Prior to works commencing these site’s were underused, unloved and uninviting. Proposals, developed in consultation with the University, included bio-diverse planting on both sides of the street, a new paved arrival space for the Central Broadcasting and Journalism building, new seating and a series of architectural corten ‘fins’ designed to help visually tie both sides of the street together.

In time the planting will grow up and around the corten fins blending natural and architectural forms together.

Look who's involved

“A fantastic scheme helping Nottingham Trent University deliver the first project of its 'Greening the City Strategy'”


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