Green Barrier Guide


Off the back of the award winning success of the Hunters Bar School, where Urban Wilderness designed a 200ft long living barrier around the school’s playground in collaboration with PhD researcher María del Carmen Redondo Bermúdez (University of Sheffield), Urban Wilderness have contributed to the delivery of a Green Barrier Guide. This guide, produced by the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield, aims to help schools through the process of developing their own playground pollution barriers.

Dr Ross Cameron, from the Department of Landscape Architecture said: “our data shows that the Hunter’s Bar green barrier successfully reduced nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations in the playground by 13%, in the first six months after planting; a figure we expect to increase as the plants develop and fill out.”

Urban Wilderness continue to advise local schools in the delivery of this innovative pollution reduction solution.

Images by Liwen Zhang, Department of Landscape Architecture, The University of Sheffield

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“By launching this toolkit, we aim to demystify the process of installing green barriers and enable other schools to benefit from their transformative potential”


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