Harrowby Lane


Harrowby Lane is a community-focused residential masterplanning project that seeks to focus pedestrian activity within the centre of the scheme whilst effectively integrating the development with the surrounding amenity assets and existing housing adjacent. The site constraints, namely its size, landform, significant heritage assets and their landscape setting and surrounding path network, required a bespoke solution to realise a fully coordinated design and ambitious public open space provision.

The landscape design, in collaboration with ArkleBoyce Architects, Orion Heritage and Savills, provides a central pedestrian-only green ‘spine’ linking the existing neighbourhoods to the east and south, through the site (further maximising pedestrian activity), to the nearby nature reserve to the north. This strategy aims to maximise opportunities for social interaction, whilst integrating new residential dwellings with the existing urban grain and local community.

Due to its relatively elevated location, the site had to positively respond to the settings of the Grantham Conservation Area, historic designed landscape setting of Belton House and the wooded escarpment of Alma Woods Local Nature Reserve close by.

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“This housing project has the potential to provide a new and enduring landscape edge to the south of Grantham, providing new connections to a fragmented path network, local heritage assets and isolated recreational facilities”


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