Holbeck Viaduct


Urban Wilderness are a key partner in ‘The Holbeck Viaduct Group’, a consortium of local people and businesses who aim to involve the local people of Holbeck, and surrounding areas, in setting out a series of proposals that seek to find new uses for the disused Holbeck Viaduct in South Leeds.

Discussions surrounding the redundant viaduct have been on-going for many years within the community. However, the success of similar precedents elsewhere, coupled with the need to successfully integrate existing communities with expansion of the city centre to the south of the River Aire, have re-ignited conversations of potential new uses and the need to identify financial support and investment opportunities.

Urban Wilderness have acted on behalf of, and in collaboration with, The Holbeck Viaduct Group to create a vision for the viaduct, to demonstrate the potential of the space as a local and city asset. In collaboration with relevant stakeholders, Urban Wilderness have suggested a timeline for delivery that aligns with the longer-term aspirations of the city, in particular the city’s plans to re-develop the South Bank. 

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“It's been great to invest in our local community, using our skills as Landscape Architects and Masterplanners to change the way that people perceive this historic piece of infrastructure”


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