HSE Headquarters


Recently completed landscape project which visually lifts the approach to the Health and Safety Executive’s headquarters in Bootle, Liverpool. New planted mounds, featuring semi-mature tree and ornamental shrub planting and uplighting are bisected by feature walls which direct visitors to a glass entry lobby. Conceptually, mounding was used to reflect the site’s former riverside dune character, colonised by planting.

The project came to fruition due to the poor performance of the existing landscape which comprised a simple palette of Whitebeam trees and paving, where the trees had repeatedly failed. Low quality and waterlogged soils were at the heart of the problem and this was resolved with new land drainage, soil import and new tree and shrub planting all within a high quality matrix of natural stone paving, feature walls and lighting design.

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“The site presented a number of technical challenges with poor soils, inadequate drainage, salt-laden drying winds from the west coast, security constraints and the HSE's existing underground services. I like to think that we managed to mitigate all these to provide a much more attractive and welcoming arrival space for staff, visitors and other users of the building. ”


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