Hunters Bar Primary School


Urban Wilderness supported the University of Sheffield’s Department of Landscape to develop a ‘green barrier’ within Hunters Bar Primary School, with the intention of mitigating the effects of pollution emanating from adjacent roads, whilst improving the setting of the school and playground.  The University subsequently used the project to research the potential health and well-being benefits of such an intervention.

The proposals are site-specific and designed to intercept airborne particulates within a largely evergreen composition of mature plants.  The planting structure includes a backdrop of ivy screens, conifer trees, and bamboos, mixed with an understorey of herbaceous perennials and grasses to add seasonal interest and joy to the playground.  The project was installed with thanks to Henry Boot, who undertook the groundworks, and a team of enthusiastic volunteers (of which our Technical Director, Steve Frazer was one), who took responsibility for constructing the timber edging and planting the scheme.

The Green Barrier has since received an award at the Sheffield Design Awards.

For more information about the project and the very positive reaction from the school, see the following links:

Look who's involved

“Our data shows that the Hunter’s Bar green barrier successfully reduced nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations in the playground by 13%, in the first six months after planting; a figure we expect to increase as the plants develop and fill out”


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