Keele University Campus


Proposals for Keele University support the universities aims to both grow student numbers by an additional 1500 student accommodation rooms and to provide a sector leading student experience through the introduction of an enhanced landscaped campus setting, 4 new social hubs and a new music facility.

Urban Wilderness worked as part of a comprehensive multi disciplinary team, taking the lead on assessment, masterplanning and detailed landscape design services to establish a scheme that enhances the Registered Park and Garden status of the campus, whilst establishing a new user experience that meets Keele Universities future development aspirations.

The design process of this large scale development required numerous levels of consultation to involve students, staff, and local community. Due to the scale and complexity of the project, we also entered into multiple rounds of formal dialogue with an independent urban design review panel and local parish council to ensure the successful navigation and evolution of the scheme leading up to successfully achieving unanimous planning consent.



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“As landscape architects we relish the opportunity to work on complex projects that require us to roll up our sleeves, sharpen our pencils and flex the full range of our skill set in order to innovate and deliver the goods. Keele University was one such project. ”


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