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Working in collaboration with Munro+Whitten (based in Leicester), Urban Wilderness won the Delegates Choice Award for the Lisbon University Design Ideas Competition. The competition formed part of the Landscapes and Life International Conference (Lisbon) – May 2017.

Core to the design philosophy was the creation of over lapping zones providing for different user groups. To the east of the campus, where the site adjoins an existing residential area the design focused on the re-purposing of land for public use. This included allotment spaces, public gardens, new housing, restaurants and shops. At the centre of the campus the design focused on student experience and the effective linking of different teaching facilities with outdoor space. Finally to the west the design looked to introduce additional multi use sports facilities, linking the site to existing sports areas further to the west, thereby extending opportunities and improving access to recreation.

Key features of the design included a pedestrianised central events area bordered by new shade-giving planting, a public glass house and water garden and development opportunities to enable the University to raise capital for the works.

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“A fantastic competition to get involved with and a great experience collaborating with the team at munro + whitten. The whole team really pulled out the stops to create something special. The ideas flowed and the end result was something we were really proud of. ”


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