Longshaw Estate

Peak District National Park

Urban Wilderness was commissioned by the National Trust to develop a spatial plan for the landscape at the Longshaw Estate  (Peak District National Park) with an ambition to optimise the visitor experience, within a framework that respected and enhanced the assets of the estate and the special qualities of the site. The spatial plan was developed to complement recent and imminent building projects, with a vision for the associated landscape, to be implemented in phases as funding became available.

Throughout the whole process, collaboration with the National Trust team was key to delivering a spatial plan which encompassed the multitude of aspirations for the estate. Several consultations were held where both the National Trust core team at Longshaw and members of the public were invited to comment on the development of the spatial plan, allowing the design proposals to be refined and ensuring the optimum design outcome.

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“The project seeks to optimise visitor experience through sensitive landscape interventions that respect and enhance the existing assets on site, whilst educating the public about the ecological management of the estate.”


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