Reception and Environment Centre, Brackenhurst Campus

Brackenhurst, Southwell

This project included the detailed hard and soft landscape design for a new signature building within Nottingham Trent University’s Brackenhurst Campus. the landscape sought to integrate the new building into an existing designed landscape. Moreover the design needed to safeguard opportunities for a potential new sculpture and water garden alongside the retention of existing trees and campus infrastructure.

A new plaza at the entrance of the building relates directly to the existing library and flows through the new building to meet an internal courtyard that opens out onto the existing designed landscape. Under the canopy of a retained maple tree, a raised lawn overlooks a sunken plaza with mirror pool, providing viewers with a sense of tranquility and space to relax.


This project presented a fantastic opportunity to work with renowned artist, Wolfgang Buttress, a former student and alumni of Nottingham Trent. Through a series of design workshops, our combined teams forged a landscape installation strategy for the campus, with future design phases still to come.

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“At Brackenhurst we have successfully overcome a variety of challenges to ensure the safeguarding of the site’s mature Maple Tree. This feature now forms the focal centre within the new REC courtyard and anchors the design within the existing landscape”


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