Greening The City Strategy

Nottingham City Centre

A well designed landscape can foster a feeling of belonging, a recognisable identity, a community focus and a sense of place. These factors form part of both Nottingham Trent University’s (NTU) and our own core values. These values are an integral part of NTU’s Campuses at Clifton and Brackenhurst. The ‘Greening the City’ project seeks to unify the City site and, in doing so, to establish a coherent Campus valued for its environmental, social and economic contribution locally, regionally and globally.

The strategy identified under-used or undervalued spaces across the University’s estate and proposed public realm improvements that would unify the estate character and experience whilst providing a network of attractive green spaces for both the students and local community to use. A simple scoring system allowed us to rank the sites and we are now beginning work on constructing the proposed network of city centre green spaces.

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“University offerings are increasingly about the student experience in conjunction with high quality academia. This project is about providing a vision for a disparate collection of city centre spaces that, if delivered, could unify the City Campus, enhance biodiversity and improve public amenity. This strategy will benefit the University, the City of Nottingham and the local community alike.”


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