Brackenhurst Campus

Brackenhurst, Southwell

In order to realise the Nottingham Trent University’s goal of improving student experience, its wider public image and its standing within the National Student Survey, a ‘Landscape Strategy’ has been developed in order to map and evaluate the quality, condition and use of the existing campus, and to identify what landscape interventions should be considered in order to enhance its student offer. The strategy assessed each potential landscape intervention for its effectiveness and then prioritised potential projects into an ‘Action Plan’ for delivery.

Strategic aims for new development where to respect the rich history, rural character and biodiversity of Brackenhurst through well planned and designed landscape interventions and to maintain the campuses long-standing Green Flag award status.

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“For me, this project was all about enriching Brackenhurst and joining the dots between it’s disparate but valuable landscape and heritage features. Campus work is always rewarding as it is generally intensely used and valued by those people that live and work there.”


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