Paragraph 80 Homes

The construction of new, isolated homes in the countryside requires a rigorous, innovative and context led design approach as outlined in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), Paragraph 80 (previously Paragraph 79). Urban Wilderness are well placed to assist in the delivery of such projects, adding value from project inception as a key part of the wider design team. We recommend beginning with feasibility and a robust understanding of context, looking at the defining attributes of the site and the potential a new home has to significantly enhance its immediate setting.

Through the design process, we work to ensure that architectural proposals are well sited and screened or celebrated, as necessary to the specific landscape context. New homes in the countryside have great potential for exceptional design in their integration with the given site and its landscape features. We pride ourselves in our collaborative working practice, and work throughout the design process to ensure that the landscape is outstanding in its design, is fully integrated with the architectural proposals, and provides a framework for sensitive integration in the wider landscape.

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“Paragraph 80 homes present a fantastic opportunity for pushing the boundaries of design in a way which champions the spirit of place and the unique requirements of a homeowner”


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