Private Garden, Bristol


This project brief was to create a contemporary and functional outdoor space for a growing family. The design intended to have a modernist feel with the use of bespoke items including a hardwood timber pergola along with playful elements such as the corten steel water feature and bold structural planting. The planting was used to define an enclosed area, that can be used for dining and entertaining, that also makes the most of the sunlight the garden receives. On the shadier side of the garden, a bespoke corner seat was designed, incorporating shade tolerant planting with soft uplighting to create a comfortable and intimate social space for the family.

A number of options were presented to the client to help finalise the brief, clarify budget and programme the construction. Implementation is scheduled for Spring/Summer 2019.

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“Making this space work hard for the family was very rewarding...but a challenge, where every square metre had to pay its own way and provide useful recreational space for all age groups”


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