Rock Ferry, Assisted Living and Extra Care


Working in close collaboration with Pozzoni Architects, Urban Wilderness developed an overarching site-wide landscape strategy, including the detailed application of a 100 bed Extra Care Scheme. At a site-wide level Urban Wilderness worked to deliver incidental play opportunity amongst the retention of existing trees with improved pedestrian connectivity amongst the proposed architectural layout.

The external space in care schemes is vital to the well-being of residents. At Rock Ferry we sought to optimise the contribution of the landscape through a multifunctional design, accommodating many uses. The garden contributes very positively to the setting of the building, with a strong and positive visual aesthetic, as viewed from the residential apartments that define the space.

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“The site's existing woodland and villa provides a strong setting for the design, and ultimately structured the wider landscape strategy. The design for the courtyard sought to echo this existing aesthetic”


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