South Loughborough


South Loughborough comprises of a 49 hectare site which has been carefully designed to positively address potential issues relating to its edge of settlement location and the gap between Loughborough and Quorn, whilst delivering new housing and associated uses.

The masterplan was landscape led, in order to deliver a development with a rich and interconnected Green Infrastructure. It provides coherent connections, and an attractive, well managed landscape setting for the new homes whilst providing opportunities for active leisure and play in a natural environment. The masterplan also sought to deliver character focused development with a number of different character areas, designed with a coherent palette of materials and details to ensure continuity. Distinct character areas will ensure that the development creates an attractive and legible new neighbourhood for south Loughborough.

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“Public access to a diverse greenspace network was central to this masterplan. Designing space for a new community in this locality was very rewarding ”


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