St Mary’s Green

Hamstreet, Ashford

A landscape led masterplan on behalf of Hallam Land Management Ltd. This proposal sought to create a high-quality, attractive and sustainable community delivering a series of interconnected ‘Greens’, a range of community uses, and a new sports field and parking area for Hamstreet Academy School. The ‘Greens’ punctuate the user’s journey throughout the site, terminating in a new wetland area which in turn provides the backdrop for a new ‘Woodland Discovery Centre’ leading into Ancient woodland to the north of the site.

Urban Wilderness were responsible for the site-wide masterplanning, community consultation, the production of a Design and Access Statement and site evaluation by way of a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment.


Look who's involved

“The joy of this project was to create a residential scheme that really serves the existing local community with its different open space offerings. Enriching a new and local community is something we find very rewarding”


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