Vista, Care Centre


Urban Wilderness were commissioned to design the landscape and recreational amenity spaces associated with a centre for excellence specialising in the care of visually impaired and blind residents. The design emphasises the existing parkland character of the wider Vista estate. The existing landscape includes formal gardens and features that would be retained and enhanced to complement the new proposals, with thresholds designed to deliver seamless integration with new amenity areas.

Pedestrian routes have been designed to promote ease of access between different and complementary areas of the site. The landscape available for resident enjoyment incorporates distinct character areas, offering a variety of user experience within generous grounds. Planting areas will be easily accessible, delivering multi-sensory experience through texture, sound and smell, with strong structural forms aiding vision of the partially sighted.  

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“Designing spaces for visually impaired people was very rewarding and provided an understanding which is beneficial to all design practices”


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