Wirksworth Meadows


Following successful tender submission, Urban Wilderness were commissioned to reinvigorate a much loved community greenspace closely connected to Wirksworth town centre. Having recently been saved from potential development through purchase by the local community and Town Council, this space was in need of refined function and aesthetic to further establish its significance within the town as a local destination to be proud of.

Through public consultation and collaboration with the Town Council, Urban Wilderness have developed a strategy for the site which establishes a simple hierarchy of routes and character zones that respond to the existing site composition. This provides a framework for a variety of community functions identified through consultation. This approach delivers improved functionality and recreational amenity in a way that maintains the simple charms of the site and its natural feel. We look forward to refining the final proposals and supervising the works on site.

Look who's involved

“There are very few green spaces that share the same story of community care and ownership as The Meadows at Wirksworth. The kind of commitment shown by this community is so inspiring! ”


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