Christopher Young - Assistant Landscape Architect

Christopher Young

Chris is an indoor plant accumulator, outdoor plant appreciator, travel enthusiast, and pointless gadget nerd

Chris has a particular interest in ecologically-considered design; how we as designers work to make our urban landscapes sustainable for both ourselves, socially, and for the benefit of our natural environment. Chris appreciates design that contributes to the resolution of global, environmental challenges.

Having recently completed ­his BSc in landscape Architecture with Ecology at the University of Sheffield, Chris joined the Urban Wilderness team in August 2020. His final degree project looked at the concept of journey and sustainability for a site in Newark-On-Trent. At the core of the design was the use of flexible spaces that aimed to bring local people closer to the historic River Trent that flows through the town. Prior to University, Chris studied product design; and takes this practice into his approach to landscape design.

Contact Chris

T: 0113 472 0030



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