Ellen Krier - Senior Landscape Architect

Ellen Krier

Ellen is a creative, a baker, animal lover, DIY enthusiast and was a part-time hobby farmer. A passion for research and strong desire to learn has a tendency to creep into every part of Ellen’s life. From the educational response to the Government’s Environmental 25 year plan in her RHS Show garden she singlehandedly tackled in 2018, to the volunteer work she has undertaken with Incredible Edible. Having had the privilege of living in a variety of countries throughout her childhood has molded her into the person she is today.

Ellen prides herself in having a responsibility to uphold the profession through creating a resilience in landscape that responds to the constantly changing climate of this fast-paced world. Her longing to use Landscape Architecture as a means to heal was initially born from living in Bosnia & Herzegovina. A landscape could form the harsh divide between the war torn ‘sides’ or it could play a part in reuniting them creating spaces to socialise, gather and form new bonds between people. Landscape created opportunities to heal divides and find a communal interest and joy. These experiences inform her design process to this day.

Following her BSc in Landscape Architecture with Ecology with a study abroad at The University of Illinois, Ellen completed her Masters’ in Landscape Architecture in 2016 at The University of Sheffield after a year in industry. She became a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute in 2020. With experience working in different sectors of Landscape such as planning, education, urban realm and engineering projects, most of her involvement to date has been in planning and masterplan design. Her passion for the environment and her desire to help people has formed her both personally and professionally.


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