Emily James - Landscape Architect

Emily James

Emily is passionate about soup, painting, amateur fashion design, and soup! She is creative, dedicated, and an advocate of landscape improving our health and well-being.

Emily is interested in how landscape architecture can impact on both people and communities, particularly how people find value in the local places around them and the way in which landscape can create the opportunity for people to build relationships with each other and the natural world.

Emily studied at The University of Sheffield, graduating with a Masters in Landscape Architecture with distinction. For her Special Project, Emily explored how landscape and urban regeneration could build a new identity for a post-war council estate. Using local participation at both the design and management stage she explored how the landscape could combat issues of deprivation, build community, create a sense of belonging and foster relationships.

Prior to joining Urban Wilderness, Emily worked in the Urban and Environmental Design team at Sheffield City Council, where she worked on a range of city centre design projects as well as plans for a community-led playground scheme.

Contact Emily

T: 0114 477 0250
E: emily.james@urbanwilderness.co.uk


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