Ishita Antony - Landscape Architect

Ishita Antony

Ishita is an experimental cook and artist, who also enjoys a good swim.

Before coming to the UK to study Landscape, Ishita qualified with a degree in Architecture from Mumbai, and subsequently practiced for two years back home in India. Ishita’s recent move to Landscape was primarily driven by her interest in climate responsive design.

Prior to her move to Landscape Architecture, Ishita was already testing the effectiveness of landscape design in rural Golwadi. In response to repeat flood events, Ishita was instrumental in the design of mitigative flood alleviation features, which were implemented by local community members.

Ishita’s studies have inspired a passion for minimalist intervention, with subtle design strategies which respect existing conditions and celebrate local distinctiveness. Following graduation, Ishita has maintained a close relationship with the University of Sheffield, most recently providing tutoring on equity and community participation in landscape design.

Contact Ishita

T: 0113 472 0030


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