Jacob Pugh - Project Landscape Architect

Jacob Pugh

Jacob is part of our creative DNA, he’s an artist, a plantsman and an aficionado of weird and wonderful cocktails.

Jacob worked for Urban Wilderness for almost two years before returning to the University of Sheffield to complete his Masters degree. Having recently graduated with a Masters with distinction, Jacob has returned to the company to continue his professional development and gain further experience working on a wide range of landscape services.

Jacob is particularly interested in the creative use of planting within urban environments as well as strategic site management and finding creative solutions to secure the long-term benefits of our designed landscapes.

During his final year at University, Jacob’s special project explored the integration of resilient plant communities within a high-density urban neighbourhood in central Birmingham. A key theme explored was the use of climate-conscious tree planting with the capabilities to withstand the environmental stresses of the urban environment, and the uncertain climate scenarios that the city of Birmingham faces.

Contact Jacob

T: 0114 477 0250

E: jacob.pugh@urbanwilderness.co.uk


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