Liam McDermott - Project Landscape Architect

Liam McDermott

Liam is a singer of songs, a sports enthusiast, and a creative and conscientious designer.

Having recently completed his Masters and Postgraduate Diploma degree at Leeds Beckett University with Distinction, Liam joined Urban Wilderness at the beginning of November 2020 as a Graduate Landscape Architect.

Thoughtful and measured, Liam is passionate about forming resilient, sustainable landscapes for the benefit of people and nature as a whole. This is reflected in his major design project during his final year at university, which focused on combating the current social, economic and environmental challenges facing UK-based towns like Chesterfield (the chosen project location).

Liam is a casual singer/songwriter and uses this as a creative outlet in his own personal time. A traveller at heart he is always keen to discover and learn from different cultures and the fabric of the landscapes in which they reside.


Contact Liam

T: 0113 472 0030


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