Rebecca Smith - Landscape Architect

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca, or Becki to her friends, is always on the go, she’s a cyclist, a runner, a snowboarder and an explorer. But when the time requires a slower pace Becki can usually be found in the kitchen testing new recipes or found trying to befriend the local wildlife or neighbourhood pets, which usually also involves food!

Becki joined Urban Wilderness in July 2021 and has a particular interest in ecologically driven planting design and masterplanning. Becki has a creative passion for the design of landscapes that help tackle climate change, that promote social cohesion and which reconnect people to the natural world and all it has to offer.

Becki completed her Landscape Architecture MA in 2020 from the University of Sheffield having previously studied Creative Art for her undergraduate degree. This combination gives her a strong creative flair and an approach to design and engagement that uses art to help people participate with and understand the design process. During her final year at Sheffield University Becki explored methods of how to design for nature within urban environments whilst also creating vibrant communities and sustainable living.

Contact Becki

T: 0113 472 0030


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