Sally Smith - Landscape Architect

Sally Smith

Sally enjoys playing the trumpet, walking, learning and a spot of gardening.

Sally is an advocate for the power of partnership. Her work in Landscape Architecture is built upon a collaborative working practice that seeks to unify community stakeholders and multi-disciplinary expertise. In this way, her ambition is to deliver more sustainable forms of urbanism which champion ecological function and environmental stewardship.

Sally received a distinction for her Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Sheffield. Her final project was awarded the Michelle Bolger Landscape Planning Prize. This project proposed a national walking route and pilgrimage, celebrating the natural and social heritage of the British Coalfields by connecting local communities with this significant chapter in British history.

Sally’s strategic approach to landscape architecture further led her to explore the role of nature-based solutions within her dissertation. This work considered how ‘nature-based thinking’ may inform a more inclusive, integrated and long term approach to landscape design, planning, management and research. Sally is continuing her studies within the Pathway to Chartership.

Contact Sally

T: 0114 477 0250


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