Stuart Hutchinson - Project Landscape Architect

Stuart Hutchinson

Stuart is our adventurer. He’s a climber, gamer and proud Dad.

If you want to explore the landscapes of Sheffield, Stuart’s your man. Whether it’s the best crags for climbing, or an introduction to grass roots urban exploration and gardening, his knowledge of the great outdoors will set you right. Outside of Sheffield, Stuart loves to travel the world, and has lived in Japan, the Middle East and West Africa.

Stuart’s curiosity and connection to the natural world fuels his work within Landscape Architecture. His particular interest lies in the design and management of places which successfully balance ecological function and human activity, believing improved connections with nature are central to our response to the climate emergency.

With an academic background in biological studies (Masters in Ecology and Evolution, BSC in Zoology), Stuart continued to explore his interests within Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield, achieving a Masters in Landscape Architecture with Distinction. He is now continuing his studies on the Pathway to Chartership. Stuart has further invested in his interests and locality, gaining experience alongside John Little (low nutrient planting and management expert), qualifying as a Building with Nature assessor, and establishing two community gardens which he continues to oversee.

Contact Stuart

T: 0114 477 0250


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